iTunes Comments and the Music PlayerPro ID3 Tag Editor

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iTunes Comments and the Music PlayerPro ID3 Tag Editor

Postby quixilvr » Sat Jan 01, 2011 8:46 am

I just started using Music PlayerPro along with iSyncr to synchronize my music between iTunes and my new Nexus S. Everything seems to be working beautifully, except one thing, the Comments field in the tag editor.

In looking at my files in the software program MP3Tag, it looks like Music PlayerPro is displaying the contents of several different fields, including: "COMMENT", "COMMENT ITUNNORM", "COMMENT ITUNPGAP" & "COMMENT ITUNES_CDDB_IDS". Of all of my MP3s (of my sample of about 10), only one of the files (Mississippi by Train) correctly displayed the values "Ballad Soft Sing" from the iTunes Comment field in the Music PlayerPro Comment field.

I looked through all of them to see if I could figure out, from the tags, why this one worked and all the rest were displaying the wrong comment field with weird HEX coding, but I didn't notice any big differences. The only difference I noticed was that Mississippi had the "ENCODERSETTINGS" value which showed "LAME v3.98 (beta 6, Dec 17 2007)".

I figured that might be the reason it was showing up correctly, so I decided to go into iTunes, right click on the file and select "Create MP3 Version." I renamed this new iTunes encoded version Mississippi 2. I pulled it up in MP3Tag, and it showed "ENCODEDBY" value which had the entry "iTunes".

I uploaded this new file onto my phone, and went into the Music PlayerPro tag editor, and it showed the correct values "Ballad Soft Sing" as they had been stored in iTunes.

I tried doing this same Create MP3 Version with another song that wasn't working, and it still didn't work.

So basically I'm out of ideas. Why are some of my files showing up with the correct comment information in the Music PlayerPro tag editor, and some aren't? Here is a link to the Google Docs spreadsheet where I wrote down all of my comparisons between each of the files: ... y=COTx76kL
I would be happy to send you a zip file of any of these MP3 files if you need them for troubleshooting.

Thanks for all your help!

-Ryan C.
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Re: iTunes Comments and the Music PlayerPro ID3 Tag Editor

Postby playerpro » Sun Jan 02, 2011 8:08 pm


Could you send me a sample by email ? I'll have a look at it on my phones.

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