Multiple Artist Tag Support!

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Multiple Artist Tag Support!

Postby s0und_w8vs » Thu Jan 18, 2018 6:32 am

Hello PlayerPro,

I think adding support for multiple artist tags would be a great addition for the app! I use JRiver Media Center, and I know others that use MediaMonkey as well that utilize multiple artist tags (separated by a semicolon).

For instance: If Song Z is made by Artist A and Artist B, in the "Artist" box within these programs "Artist A; Artist B" would be input and registered by the program as two different artists.

If possible, it would be great for PlayerPro to detect this! Right now it detects just the first artist in the list (in my example above it only detects Artist A) and only appears as one artist in: the "Edit tags" section, the "View Details" section, and registers as only "Artist A" in the "Artists" section of the app. For me ideally it would detect both artists, and have it show up in all of the aforementioned sections (Tags & Details). In addition "Artist A" and "Artist B" would show up in the "Artists" section of the app, and when each of them are opened "Song Z" in my example would be present in both artist profiles. Hope this is possible for you guys to implement! I would really love to know if it's possible

Cheers (:
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