Too many Kb's and MB'S

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Too many Kb's and MB'S

Postby ginufine2909 » Mon Dec 13, 2010 5:48 pm

My question is, the previous version I had was v.1.13 with 2.54MB's, according to the info from <Settings <Manage Apps...So I downloaded the latest version from the app market, which has v.1.20 with 2.31MB's. I then went back to <Settings <Manage Apps... and look at the new updated version info, it reads v.1.20 with 3.43MB's. Why is there more Kb's and MB's then what it actually says in the market? Isn't that false advertisement?
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Re: Too many Kb's and MB'S

Postby playerpro » Mon Dec 13, 2010 10:15 pm

Hi there,

Package size information displayed on the android market is not controlled by me but by Google. The size calculated/displayed by Google simply matches the size of the package (.apk) as uploaded/downloaded from the market.

The package size is different from the storage size, which you can see in "Manage application". The storage size is the total unpackaged (unzipped) size of the app and all internal caches that app might use (for eg user preferences etc).

I hope this clarifies.

Plz note that in next release, all built-in skins will be removed so as to decrease the app size. The space will thus be optimized.

Also note that even in the current state, PlayerPro is still smaller than other competitors. And in next update, it will certainly be much smaller than any other serious competitor. PlayerPro is so far the only player on the marke to support downloading and installing skins as seperate packages. I hope you appreciate.

Thks && Rgds,
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