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Adding Music

Postby mpalatsi » Tue Mar 29, 2011 5:48 am

What is the best way to add new music to my library. I've been using SyncToy to Sync two folders (the device, the PC) and that doesn't seem to work.

PlayerPro doesn't find new music, I've tried rebooting, rescanning SD card, rescanning media root, retriggering scan in PlayerPro, and nothing works! I don't understand why PlayerPro doesn't see the new music... If I look at the files I can see the new music sitting there, it's just not in my PlayerPro.

Anyway, I need someone to tell me the correct method obviously, any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Adding Music

Postby Newfloridian » Fri May 13, 2011 10:40 pm

I acquired my new Android phone two days ago so I'm a relative noobie in these matters. One of my primary needs was to load up a significant part of my travelling CD collection. I tried the "default" method by synching from my Media Player on the PC desktop (via USB cable or "air") but however I tried I just couldn't get a proper listing of attributes on tracks on the phone. I had the cover art, album name and track name but no artist - or album name and artist but no cover art and no track number listing.

This evening I gave up and tried an unconventional but ultimately highly successful and fast route - transferring the contents of 70 CDs with complete tag details and uploaded cover art in a period of 2 hours. The method I used was this. My now ancient mp3 player is a (two thirds full) Creative Zen Xtra 60Gb. I attached this via USB to my desktop PC. I then placed a 32Gb microSDHC card in a USB converter into another port of the PC. I loaded up Creative MediaSource Player and Organiser and copied the list of 70 albums from the Zen to the album subdirectory of the microSDHC card.

When the microSDHC card was placed in my phone, Music PlayerPro immediately recognised the new music library and within seconds a whole series of cover art images were loaded up. I needed to make half a dozen minor tag edits to sort out the artists. Now the sort by album and artist is spot on. The playing of the mp3 is excellent (Bose Quietcomfort headphones). My musical tastes? The Who, ELO, Moody Blues, Mozart, Gilbert & Sullivan.

If there is a better or easier way thatn this I would be delighted to know.

(Full version of Music PlayerPro bought this evening)
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