How to import ratings from M4A (AAC) files?

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How to import ratings from M4A (AAC) files?

Postby jasondavidcarr » Tue Mar 22, 2011 5:27 pm


First, let me say, PlayerPro is by far the BEST player for Android. It's clean and feature-loaded (unlike any of the other options).

Here's my question, though: when importing music stats from "Music files", I know that this will import via the Popularimeter (POPM) from MP3 files. For M4A (AAC) files, though, will it somehow import from them? Is there a tag to use to import ratings from M4A (AAC) files?

I can re-tag the ratings in my music files to whatever they need to be, but I can't find any documentation on if and how ratings can be imported from M4A (AAC) files.

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