How Do You Set /Find music sync'd to device

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How Do You Set /Find music sync'd to device

Postby erlebc » Sun Feb 27, 2011 10:45 pm

I consider myself a relatively tech savvy person, and I saw rave reviews for this music player. I have a Samsung Intercept Android 2.2.1 phone and the trial version of Music PlayerPro. To test this out I synched over 18 FLAC files from MediaMonkey to my sdcard. I have been pouring over the settings for this player thinking I must be overlooking the spot where you tell PlayerPro where to look for your music. There is a Music Library setting, and it has a toggle to restrict the music to a predefined location, but outside of that I cannot set where the music is located. There is a grayed out folder icon and I have tried to select it every way I know how figuring that maybe that was how you told PlayerPro how to find the music. Obviously this application works and most everyone, except me, is enjoying the application. I've gone through the How-To's and feel like an idiot that I cannot even make the player see the sdcard music.

I know the card is mounted. I have another app (Androxplorer) that sees the music files on the sdcard fine. What am I missing here. I am two days into my 5 day trial and I'd really like to get going with it. Thanks.
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