Playlists-how they're stored and how to sync from Windows

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Playlists-how they're stored and how to sync from Windows

Postby mcsilver » Tue Jun 18, 2019 5:48 am

These questions might be answered elsewhere in the forum but I just couldn't find information that allowed me to 1) understand how PP stores playlists and 2) how to start with an .m3u file on Windows, for instance, and get it to be used by PP.

On Windows, I am using MediaMonkey. I have configured it to sync several playlists to my LG V30 Android device. The format used is .m3u with the following specifics:

Force relative paths: yes
Use Linux folder separator (/): yes
Use Unicode (UTF-8 encoding): yes
Use extended M3U: yes
Destination directory: \PlayerPro\Playlists\

The MM sync does create files on the device and I confirmed that the files adhere to all of the above settings. However, no amount of quitting and relaunching PP shows these playlists in PP.

I confirmed that creating a playlist from PP creates a file in /PlayerPro/Playlists so presumably, the path to which MM is syncing the .m3u files is correct.

I did notice that the PP-created playlist file name is blah.m3u.ppo instead of blah.m3u so I thought maybe getting PP to notice the files that were synced from Windows simply needed a rename to *.m3u.ppo. Well, that just did something weird: PP asked me whether I wanted to "restore" the "missing" playlists. At least now, PP noticed these files; however, clicking "yes" deleted the contents of said files!

Another behaviour that I noticed is that if I deleted the PP-created playlist file, PP still had that playlist and I could play its songs. Where is PP storing its playlists if not in /PlayerPro/Playlists as files plain text files?? Is there a database somewhere? (I rebooted the phone to verify that the now-deleted playlist wasn't just in memory.)

Note: /Playlists, where I guess the default music player looks for playlist files, is empty, so I'm guessing PP isn't using that folder.

Am I doing something wrong or is this whole process really difficult?? Given that I want to create and maintain playlists on my Windows PC, I would really like to be able to simply copy them as files over to a designated folder on the phone and have PP use them, but this simple solution seems to be unavailable. Please, what am I missing?


P.S. There is no SD card in play. (I don't think the LG V30 accepts one anyway.)
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