Album Art in Photo Gallery

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Album Art in Photo Gallery

Postby Xaos1964 » Sun May 27, 2018 6:45 am

I've read what I can find on the forum regarding this subject but it's all older. (2012 or older)

Ive a samsung S9 plus, using a paid version of Playerpro. When I purchased the phone I decided to redo my complete music library. So, one 256Gb memory card and 3 months later, I downloaded 30,000 songs in 3000 folders onto the sd card. (each folder with front and back album art.) Installed the card in the phone, waited a few hours for the app to sync all the songs, and I was off to the races enjoying a quality music experience.
UNTIL........ I looked at my photo gallery and found approximately 6000 new images. WTF??? Ok, several hours later searching for solutions, I decide to hide the folders in gallery. That works... kinda.. now the only time I see them is when I go to attach a pic to an email, or text message, or some other form of media...
All fine and dandy, there's work arounds for everything.. BUT, WHY SHOULD I?? I don't want to hide content, or have to go about things in a different way to get the same results Just Because a music app or a phone isn't completely configurable. I've spoken with Samsung support. Result, "We're sorry, you'll need to contact the people who created the app to solve this problem"... I wrote to Playerpro support... 4 days later still no response...
My question. How Do I Have My Music Complete With Album Art On My SD Card Without ANY OTHER APP (Including Gallery) Seeing The Images??
It's a Music Folder. The only APP I want to access the folder is My Main Music App... PlayerPro. Can I rename the main folder so that Playerpro sees it as a subfolder of the program and all other phone apps ignore it? Surely that should be possible. Simple coding..

I'd really appreciate a response/solution to this, especially from the developers of the app, as it's getting to be quite frustrating..
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Re: Album Art in Photo Gallery

Postby ineedit2018 » Sat Aug 11, 2018 9:12 am

It's not the problem from PlayerPro or Samsung!

This problem is NO problem. Only you make it to a problem. It's based on the OS. That means Android related. So you should write to Google! But they will only laugh about that...
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Re: Album Art in Photo Gallery

Postby BonusWavePilot » Mon Feb 11, 2019 3:20 am

Xoas1964 - your best option is probably just to add a file to the directory with the name ".nomedia". (Make sure you include the full stop at the start)

This will tell your Android system not to include this folder when displaying galleries and so forth.
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