Playlist Will NOT Update, Cannot Re-Add It

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Playlist Will NOT Update, Cannot Re-Add It

Postby Ignotus » Thu Mar 16, 2017 6:52 am

I have an issue that seems to be somewhat common to Android and various media players. It is a very annoying issue regarding SD cards. I frequently have songs disappear from my playlists. I have about 80GB of music on an SD card along with my playlist files in m3u format. I create the playlist files in Windows using an app and then copy them over to my SD card. The only thing that seems to prevent this is not rebooting or turning the device off EVER. If it restarts, the card gets refreshed and songs disappear from playlists. Every time it reboots, more and more songs disappear. They are still there and playable, but they are removed from playlists.

My device decided to reboot itself randomly a few days ago, and sure enough, I had songs disappear from my primary playlist of about 260 songs. I copied the playlist to another directory with a file manager and then deleted it within PlayerPro. I then copied it back to the original directory. However, PlayerPro refuses to update and show the playlist at all now. Refresh mediastore option within PlayerPro does nothing and says that it is deprecated. Too bad, that would probably fix it. I've waited over an hour and the playlist refuses to show at all in PlayerPro. I tried the restore playlist option and the playlist isn't there either. What can I do? That playlist is how I use PlayPro about 95% of the time. I'd rather not have to reinstall the app just to get a playlist to show up. This is ridiculous.
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