Playlist song-removal bug when using search

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Playlist song-removal bug when using search

Postby SVilz » Sat Nov 21, 2020 8:48 am

Hi there!

So this should be easy to recreate:
- I open a standard playlist
- use the search widget
- I find the song I want to remove from the playlist
- I remove it
- It immediately reappears. The wrong song was removed from the playlist.

Here's what happens, from my point of view:
When giving me the search results, the songs have new indices. If I search for "love" for example, and it gives me three songs, and I try to remove the second one from the playlist, then it uses the second index (probably 1) and applies that index to the full playlist -> Thus, it removes the second song from the whole playlist, not from my search results.

This has caused me trouble for more than one time now, because I forgot about it in the meantime :D

Please let me know when this is fixed :)

Also, I'll assume that that problem is independent of my phone. Here's a few specs anyways:
- Playerpro v5.20
- Android 10 (QPES30.79-124-5)
- moto g(8) power

Thank you very much for the greatest Android music app out there!
Healthy regards
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