App cannot find music on sd card

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App cannot find music on sd card

Postby kawfmin » Wed Mar 13, 2019 4:49 pm

I have a Moto g6 Play running Android 8. The problem is not limited to Player Pro, because I have the same problem with the Google Play Music App, but all the same I thought I'd see if there's a workaround of any kind that anyone can suggest.

What happens is, I open Player Pro or another music player app, and suddenly there are no songs. The app can't find them. They are still on the sd card. If I go into the card with a file manager and select a song, I can get the app to play it. But the app music library is empty. This happened last week. I did a factory reset, and afterwards all the music was back within the app. Then today I did a restart of the phone, and when the phone came back on, the library was empty again.

It seems like there's no motivation for phone manufacturers to make phones that can reliably find music on the sd card. Google would rather you give up on that and use their shitty streaming service. I have no interest in that.

Are there any tricks to deal with this problem? If not, I'm buying an ipod.
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