Unable to access SD card

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Unable to access SD card

Postby Ch4rly » Fri Feb 08, 2019 9:36 am

As the title says, after some recent update (of the app or the OS) i am unable to limit the music search to an SD card directory. The sd card is not visible inside player pro. Other explorer like apps are able to access the data.

Huawei p10
Android 8, EMUI 8
No root

rebooting without success. Deleting app data and cache without success. Huawei does not allow us to move apps to sd card, so I could not try that.

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Re: Unable to access SD card

Postby ForSerious » Sun Feb 10, 2019 2:18 am

Does, settings => Music Library => SD Card Write Permission, do anything?
I just got a new SD card and I had to install the exFat file system before my phone could find it. Then I had to have the phone format it.
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Re: Unable to access SD card

Postby Ch4rly » Sun Feb 10, 2019 8:43 pm

No, sadly it does not change anything. A message is displayed that the "write permission has been granted" but I still can't see anything from the sd card content in the file chooser dialog for limiting access to a specific folder.
The sd card isn't new, I've been using this card for over one in my phone. Player pro was able to access the data until some days or weeks ago.
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Re: Unable to access SD card

Postby DevilSlayerDante » Sat May 04, 2019 1:57 am

I have the same problem. Installed the trial/free edition today to try it, but it can only see the emulated storage, not my SD card where all my music is, even after allowing SD write access.

I wanted to give PlayerPro a try because I absolutely HATE the new material UI of PowerAmp v3, and iKorolkov isn't making skins for PowerAmp anymore. So far, PlayerPro is making an awful first impression.

LG G5 (RS988)
Android v7.0
PlayerPro Free v5.0
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Re: Unable to access SD card

Postby Equelotex » Thu Aug 15, 2019 6:03 am

Hey guys,

I have the same problem since I awake this morning, the last folder (access grant for SD) is the storage folder, since a few days I added the dsp pack from playstore, maybe this starts the problem? I can use any other explorer app to get in the SD Card Directories and can start music from this location on playerpro....
I really love this player I can't without... Please fix this really big problem... :(




Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (SM-9005)
Android 5.0


I fix the problem...my SD card was the Problem, I had no SD card pictures in Galery app too, so I search for the problem and here is the fix which worked for me!

1. Backup your data (copy to pc, use an external card reader cause its faster to copy.)
2. Use diskpart to format the SD new and create a new partition.

In Windows press Windowskey + r
An black Windows pop up write in "Diskpart" and press enter
a new black Windows pop up write "list disk"
look on the space to locate your sd card! (attention, if you choose the false you destroy your Windows or other lose other data)
if you know which is your SD card, use the number to choose,

Example with number 5

"select disk 5"

Next step now

"List par" (oftrn there is only one partition so you can skip the step of you want write

"select par 1"


"create partition primary"

Again use ("List disk" - > "select disk (you number of SD)" - > "sel par 1"

"format fs=exFat quick"

After complete type in "exit" or close the window

now copy your backup on the SD again and plug it in your smart phone.

After some time the music should be restored! If not delete all .nomedia files on you SD Card

Hope it help you guys good luck and sorry for the bad English...


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