Switching between playing Song and Playlist view

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Switching between playing Song and Playlist view

Postby Moontide » Tue Jul 11, 2017 8:40 am


Switching between playing Song and Playlist view doesn't highlight the actual playing song in the playlist.

I usually play my big playlist randomly - when I hear a song of an artist that reminds me of another song of the same artist I switch to Playlist-View and want to srcoll around in the playlist to pick a different song from that artist. On the very first song after starting PlayerPro the Playlist highlights the actual playing song and I can scroll around and choose a different song from that artist. (Thats how it is great)
When I keep on playing random songs from the second song on the Playlist still focuses on the first played song and doesn't jump to the new song. (That makes it very hard to scroll and search the artist to pick a different song and has no use)

In an earlier version of PlayerPro this works fine and I would be very happy if you would fix that.

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PS: Using PlayerPro v.4.1
PPS: Maybe the same Problem that is described here:
http://www.aplayerpro.com/forum/viewtop ... =3&t=13276

The error occurs only while the player is in fullscreen mode and you switch between song-view and playlist-view.
When I switch to the lockscreen of my phone and from there directly back to the player the playlist updates the highlight to the actual song - until the next song starts and it stays on the old song. Switching back to lockscreen and from there directly to playerpro it is updated again.
The same happens when you push the "android-back" button while playing a song to go to the Library - when you click on the song in the lower part of the screen to switch back to the song-screen the playlist is updated also.
The Trigger to switch the focus to the actual playing song in the playlist is just forgotten while having a song open and switch directly to playlist-view.

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