4x4 Widget display suggestion

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4x4 Widget display suggestion

Postby Tastyboi » Sat Jun 20, 2020 11:42 am


With the new styled Androids, we can have bigger sceen display with easier access and view.

The larger widgets are going to be more popular.

I now use the 4x4 widget. I can adjust it to 4x5 if desired.

But my suggestion is to put the star rating display under the album artwork display and just above the controls. There is plenty of room. At the moment they are sitting at the top of the widget on top of the album artwork display and thus hard to distinguish.

I use this a lot because it allows us to update thr star rating of the song that is currently playing. And even allows half stars. And it doesn't distort the song as I've seen posts about this glitch when you would select "edit tags" from the menu.

Upon further review, I should note, I use the skin titled "Dark Metal".

I noticed that the 4x2 widget displays a horizontal line, song progression. Can you please include this in the 4x4 widget?

Also the 3x3 widget doesn't even have the star rating displayed.

As for moving the star rating, on your default widget I guess it could be put under the controls, there is a bulk amount of unused space there.

Please look into this design display, I think its an obvious benefit.
Default 3x3 widget screen shot
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Screen shot of 4x4 widget
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